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Project Promotional Video
Local arts ambassador Joanne LeBlanc-Skyrie working at her desk;
François Poirier producing an audio-visual clip for "Jeunes Reporters Acadie";
François Poirier co-hosting "Une Méchante Journée" with Radio-Canada's Samuel Chiasson at Louis-J.-Robichaud high school in Shediac, NB;
Joanne LeBlanc-Skyrie with the old "Suzanne";
Cedar logs, before they are crafted into buoys by Paul Gallant;
Paul Gallant shaping a raw cedar log into a buoy;
Joanne LeBlanc-Skyrie enjoying the view from her property;
François Poirier, accompanied by his parents, following a race in Shediac, NB;
Joanne LeBlanc-Skyrie at the entrance of her home;
François Poirier, a self-employed landscaper among many other things.
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