Sussex, NB
Caraquet, NB
Surfers on the Petitcodiac River's tidal bore
Samson Cove, NS
The World's Largest Lobster, Shediac, NB
Cape Jourimain Nature Centre, New Brunswick
Sussex, NB
Fundy National Park
Reflection of the BellAliant Tower, Moncton, NB
Tait House, Shediac, NB
Parlee Beach Provincial Park
Johnson's Mills, NB
Prince Edward Island
Parlee Beach Provincial Park
Shediac Bay, Shediac, NB
Moncton, NB
CEPS at UdeM, Moncton, NB
St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church, Grand River, PEI
Parlee Beach, Shediac, NB
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